Analyst Day @ Orange Cyberdefense

This is a very exciting time for Orange regarding cyber security, as we accelerate our business growth. We have a clear ambition and strategy, the commitment and support from the Orange Executive Commitee and a new organization to propel the next phase of our development.


We are at an inflection point. We are moving from being an operator that also does security, to an expert security player with the benefits of the operator foundation. We are evolving from traditional managed security services, complementing these services with managed detection and reaction, identification of weaknesses and proactive investigation of threats and intelligence. We are expanding from an enterprise focus to address SME and B2C customers, in France and globally.


Today, we open our doors to further share our vision, plans, our expertise and innovations with a group of industry analysts. We are taking them through how we are building a European cyber leader, at a human and tech dimensions. We are discussing cyber security at Orange at multiple levels:

  • As a growth lever for the Group
  • As an essential enabler of trust between customers and Orange
  • As an overarching element of the Data Journey for enterprises, from creating, transporting, storing and sharing data… with security throughout
  • As a pure-play, an area of innovation, expertise and proprietary capabilities in detection, reaction and threat intelligence to effectively manage cyber crises


Analysts are hearing from our executives, partners and customers. They are visiting our teams and seeing first-hand what makes Orange unique in the market to meet our customers’ evolving challenges.


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