One of the pillars of cybersecurity : R&D

How is R&D strategic in fighting cyber threats ?

An interview with Vincent HINDERER, a Cyber Threat Intelligence Project Manager at Orange Cyberdefense.


Can you tell us more about your role ?

I am a project manager specialized in cybercrime at the Orange Cyberdefense CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team). It is an alert and reaction centre for computer attacks. Before, I held various positions also focused on cyber defence (analyst, cyber security consultant, trainer, etc). Our daily role is to combat cyber threats and respond to detected incidents. For that, I lead a team of 5 developers who create the tools Orange Cyberdefense experts, customer and partner teams need. Together, we closely monitor emerging threats and the latest technological advances to stay ahead of the game. This targeted monitoring is necessary for the development of innovative solutions adapted to our customers’ needs.

What is Cyber Security Research and Development (R&D)?

A large part of our R&D activity aims to collect and produce Threat Intelligence, intelligence on current and future threats on a 24/7 basis. It’s a real “profiler” job. Orange Cyberdefense CERT collects this valuable data and shares it with our customers and other internal and external CERTs around the world. I devote nearly a third of my assignments to this data sharing between CERTs. These exchanges and analyses are essential for the “development” part. Because if malicious actions are discovered, we must be able to propose the most appropriate countermeasures!

In addition to this monitoring, we participate in the design and development of solutions for our internal and external clients. This is mostly done in-house or in collaboration with some of the leading solution providers in the market. Currently, we are finalizing an “aaS” offer giving our customers the ability to more easily query our Threat Intelligence databases and another allowing employees to automatically report a suspicious email to be analysed automatically by several technical solutions and by our experts if necessary.

Is R&D essential to combat cyber threats?

Investment in innovation and R&D is a key differentiator of Orange Cyberdefense. More than ever, companies need to respond to attacks and anticipate risks. They must be able to rely on the latest generation solutions. Without an R&D activity, we could not design tomorrow’s solutions and offer the best support to our customers.

About the blogger

Vincent Hinderer is Cyber Threat Intelligence Project Manager at Orange Cyberdefense. He has been involved in the fight against cyber threats for over 12 years. In his role, he supports French and International public and private organizations to protect themselves and to detect and respond effectively to cyber security incidents. Vincent also liaises with other CERT teams around the world.