Cyber security of Industrial Systems

Orange Cyberdefense can support customers in all phases of the industrial security risk lifecyle, from identifying your weaknesses or priorities, to implementing technical solutions and monitoring cyber security events in industrial environments. Benefit from a holistic industrial security services portfolio, partnerships with leading vendors and our unique expertise to secure your industrial environment.

La sécurité industrielle, un enjeu majeur des entreprises

Industrial Cybersecurity : the challenges

The risks of attacks are increasing : today, critical industrial environments are at the heart of cyber-attacks. Known and unaddressed vulnerabilities expose them to significant physical, environmental and/or financial consequences.

Consequences at a glance:

  • €250 million cost of NotPetya campaign in 2017 for a key European industrial player
  • Power outage in Ukraine for a large part of the country,
  • Attack success rate to data is one driver of 31% increase in attacks against production tools YoY

Organisations are not prepared : technical and organisational audits carried out by Orange Cyberdefense over the past 11 years have provided a the state of industrial environment security and key breach root causes.

6 most common vulnerabilities identified in more than 90% of industrial plants audited :

– Unsecured OS and firmware,

– Unsecured protocols,

– Lack of security incident detection capability,

– HMIs permanently connected,

– Lack of cyber security awareness of industrial  workers,

– Lack of antivirus software installed


New regulations driving more scrutiny : the Military Programming Law and the Network and Information Security (NIS) guidelines impose specific organisations to secure their IT and operational infrastructures. Other country-specific regulations in Europe and around the world are driving increasing standards of security in critical organisations which are an essential pillar of national economies.

La sécurité industrielle

Our Solutions

The security of industrial environments and systems, which are often not up-to-date vis-à-vis the dynamic threat landscape requires a specific methodology and tools. It also demands significant collaboration between CIOs and operational teams.

Orange Cyberdefense supports its customers through pragmatic & incremental solutions, adapting to their point of departure and helping they evolve their security to cover the full risk management lifecycle:

Identification of critical sites and security priorities: our experts audit your critical sites via our proprietary methodology and tools. We will provide you with the  identification of operation-critical elements and security priorities based on your business risk profile.   This is a foundational element for effective industrial security.

Asset discovery and “quick wins” to secure the industrial environment : mapping the equipment within your production chain is also essential to identify vulnerabilities and uncover all connected assets. We deploy specialist probes for industrial environments which identify any “shadow” or unofficial connection of industrial systems and equipment (remote maintenance, seldomly-used PCs…). We will then provide recommendations on “quick win” corrections such as isolation of IT and OT environments and a medium-term protection & detection strategy.

Employee engagement and training: Raising awareness and training operational staff on cyber security risks specific to the industrial environment and their role in line of defense is complementary to any defense solution.  We propose bespoke and adapted training solutions delivered by our expert consultants. We also offer Malware Cleaner, a USB malware detection kiosk, borne or software to drive an increased security reflex in industrial environments.

Implementation of defense solutions and managed detection of malicious events in your SCADA environment. Beyond isolating IT/OT environments, deploying endpoint protection, data encryption and a security crisis plan, the implementation of a detection system enables ongoing security monitoring of your environment. This allows visibility, qualification and prompt reaction to any unusual event, with alerts adapted to the operational context.

Sécurité industrielle

IoT and new threats: what is at stake

Business transformation within industrial environments (Industry 4.0) can entail the implementation of new PLCs, applications and robots. Most of these new technologies have embedded security mechanisms such as encryption and authentication. However, a holistic approach to cybersecurity of these new ultra-connected factories addressing all stages of the risk management lifecycle is critical.

This is especially important as predictive maintenance, remote maintenance and control flow automation are done increasingly via connectivity and IoT.

Industrial IoT projects are the perfect trigger for asking the right cyber security questions : what are the current threats to protect against,  what are the risks of implementing new services, what are the best practices in terms of security policy, protection and detection… All these elements need addressing.

Our Solutions

Orange Cyberdefense can help you in all stages of your transformation: from cost evaluation, to defining security plans to implementing and managing the right security solutions adapted to your industrial context.

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